McKeesport Trail Commission

The McKeesport Trail Commission is a city-appointed board of volunteers who oversee the use and beautification of the McKeesport trail system, including the McKeesport LOOP, Steel Valley Trail and Great Allegheny Passage.

The McKeesport Trail Commission's mission is to manage and coordinate the volunteer efforts of its Commissioners and affiliated Friends of the Trail to support, preserve, maintain, and make improvements to the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail within the City of McKeesport as well as the “LooP” connecting trail between the Boston and Fifteenth Street Bridge access points to the GAP. Additionally, the trail commission will work to act as a community advocate for the Trails; to facilitate communications among the community, local governments and the RTC that affect trails; and to assist committees and trail groups located in other townships and municipalities.

Commission Members

Linda Brewster, President
Robert W. Baum, Treasurer
Joyce MacGregor, Secretary
Darlene Allen
Bobbie Billsborrow
Laura Jenkins
Alison Piccolino
Sharon Soles

McKeesport Hostel

The McKeesport Hostel is an affordable three-bed short-stay facility for bicyclists and hikers traveling the Great Allegheny Passage through McKeesport. It is conveniently located along Water Street/Bendel Way in Richard J. Gergely Riverfront Park near the Marina at McKees Point.

Rates are $30 per person per night, plus a nominal credit card fee. Price for a towel, washcloth and bar soap is $2, and a blanket is $2. If customers prefer not to share the hostel with others, there is a private rental fee of $120 per night.

Reservations must be made at least two (2) days in advance of your trip by calling 724-469-1862 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.

McKeesport Trail Pavilion

To reserve the pavilion adjacent to the McKeesport Hostel, call 724-469-1862. Cost of the pavilion is $50 per day. Smoking and alcohol are not permitted. Cooking is not permitted under the pavilion.