YouthCAST Community and Schools Together
YouthCAST Leadership Network is a youth-driven full-service leadership and development model that will establish and expand a range of supports and services. It will focus on creating a high-quality extended social and educational environment to support positive social, emotional learning experiences for youth in 6th through 12th grades.


YouthCAST Leadership Network


A holistic youth driven leadership model designed to assist communities and schools in meeting the educational, social and emotional needs of youth in grades 6-12 and their families. Through the implementation of lessons focused on leadership and development this model consist of three areas of impact: Community, School and Family

This process focuses on the change of both internal and external relationships through the action of leading a group of people. The training modules/curriculum has been designed to encourage youth, community and schools to recognize the importance of leadership while advancing their effectiveness to develop a community school wide system.

This will be recognized through youth lead activities and actions of service learning, community service and civic engagement and environmental stewardship opportunities.

The Black Male Experience

Forever Leaders

Leadership Nation

Young Ladies 1st  





Seeks to bridge the gap between elders and youth grades 6-12 in the community and schools through innovative workshops, symposiums, mentoring, and service learning for African-American males.

Established to expand a range of supports and services that will focus on creating a high-quality extended social and life-learning opportunities.

Encouraged to recognize the importance of academic and social advancement utilizing a leadership curriculum that aligns with the Common Core Strategies for students 6th to 12th grade.

Empowerment through the ability to move beyond the survival skills and become leaders and advocates within their community and schools.