City Council

City Council meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, located on the Second Floor of the Public Safety Building. A work session takes place in the same location on the Tuesday before each voting meeting.

  1. Council President Richard Dellapenna

    Richard Dellapenna

    Council President

  2. Councilman James T. Barry Jr.

    James Barry Jr.


  3. Councilwoman LuEthel Nesbit

    LuEthel Nesbit


  4. Councilwoman V. Fawn Walker-Montgomery

    V. Fawn Walker-Montgomery


  1. Council Vice President, Jamie Brewster

    Jamie Brewster Filotei

    Council Vice President

  2. Councilman Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown


  3. Councilman Keith Soles

    Keith Soles


  4. City Clerk Annette James

    Annette James

    City Clerk